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I'm curious is it possible to make the birds that are flying under the sun seem less realistic, as the idea of flying over the sun might be unrealistic and impossible. This is the area i'd like help with the more, a level editor would be nice. I understand that level editing is not very easy to do, I just want to know is it possible to make this happen in FS 2013. A little about me, I've been building my first game in as3/libgdx. Would be very nice if I could help out with the lighting. I've written a little HTML5 intro to the game, as it would have to be playable in a browser.Q: C# Class Permissions/members I have a c# class that contains a member. The class also contains methods that change the member. The problem is, I need to give the user the permissions to change the members, but give my class users the permissions to change methods. This is the code I have right now: internal class SomeClass { internal string Property { get; set; } public void Method() { Property = "SomeValue"; } } So, to summarize:




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Download Password To Unlock Farming Simulator 2013.rar (Latest)

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