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The Windows Phone SDK includes Windows-based tools that assist the programmers during the application development process. The available tools enable the programmer to write code in C# or Visual Basic.NET languages as well as C++ or Visual C++.NET.The documentation that is included in the package is comprehensive which makes it possible to get familiar with the requirements of the SDK.The Windows Phone Software Development Kit (SDK) is the most efficient tool to use if you want to make mobile applications for Windows Phone 7.5 or Windows Phone 8.You can download the tool from the website provided by Microsoft and install it on your computer. The Windows Phone SDK is designed for the developer to initiate the development of applications for mobile devices.The Windows Phone SDK includes a good documentation which comes with informative PDF files as well as helpful video tutorials.The tool offers the programmer the chance to write code and use the emulator once the SDK is installed. The tests you perform while writing your code can now be checked in the emulator.The documentation is present in the form of books, articles, videos, as well as code examples and tutorials. It is useful in helping programmers familiarize themselves with all aspects of the phone development process.The SDK includes the Microsoft Windows Phone Toolkit which is an extension of the.NET framework that was previously known as Windows CE.NET framework.With the development kit, you will be able to use the emulator and the emulators along with the code templates.The Windows Phone SDK includes the tools needed to make apps for Windows mobile phones and tablets.It offers the programmer access to the emulator and emulators needed to test the apps. The tools can be used to develop applications for phones that run either Windows Phone 7.5 or 8.It also provides the programmers with the code templates that can be used to integrate applications and controls.It is designed for non-programmers but it also provides the programmers with the skills that they need to build applications and games for a mobile phone.The SDK contains a user guide that you can access online. The guide helps in understanding all the aspects of the tools included in the development kit.The Windows Phone SDK is another tool to use if you want to develop modern applications for Windows mobile devices.You can download it on the website provided by Microsoft and install it on your computer. The tool works best on Windows 8 computer.The main advantage of this tool is that it integrates with Visual Studio and integrates with projects that are already being 08929e5ed8

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